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Fine Pens from under $10.00 to $750.00  Ball Pens, Roller Pens, Pencils and Fountain Pens

Keeping Your Pens Clean

We suggest you clean your pens after 4 or 5 fillings, depending on the ink you are using.  Pour a small amount of "Fred's secret Sauce" into a container, ad flush the pen several times till it is clear of ink.  Flush the pen(s) with cool tap water, then refill your pen with fresh ink and you're on your way.  If you plan on storing your pen(s), clean them first, then put them away.  Cartridge fill pens require some way of flushing, if it came with a converter, us it to flush your pen, if no converter is available, use a rubber bulb from a drug store to flush your pen.  Happy Writing!

The Fountain Pen Shop, Inc.
2649 South Myrtle Ave #12
Monrovia, CA  91016
(626) 294-9974
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